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(Age 5 and up - 55 minutes) An introductory gymnastics class with focus on the early stages of skill development through FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS! Participants will have use of all the facility's equipment to learn and progress at a beginner level. Activities that improve agility, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness help children move confidently through life. It also helps children participate successfully in all other sports and physical activities. Participants will work through the CANGYM program at their own ability level and progress through level 1 to 12. 

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(Age 6 and up - 55 minutes)

A great way to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination in a very unique way. Silks are a special fabric that hangs securely from the ceiling and have a large safety mat below. Students are taught how to perform a variety of poses & sequences.  All skills are taught close to the ground and with a knot tied in the silks so students are able to safely learn how to maneuver in the silks.


(Age 5 and up - 55 minutes)
Parkour is the art of moving from point "A" to point "B" using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency. A fun, active way of expressing yourself through movement. No prerequisite.

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