In pursuit of excellence, the White Rock Gymnastics program aims to
create programs that provide opportunities for all of our gymnasts to succeed. Working with
your coach and teammates, you must take responsibility for developing and achieving your
goals. Part of your responsibility is to adhere to the following team goals, philosophies, and

RESPECT yourself, your teammates, coaches, and officials. Treat everyone, including yourself,
with respect, dignity, and consideration. Respect everyone’s including your own, right to pursue
goals consistent with the team purpose.
ACKNOWLEDGE every team member; everyone counts. Everyone has the opportunity to
participate and to make a contribution. Your support of all team members is expected.
VALUE excellence in gymnastics. Train hard, prepare to compete well. Seek out difficult
challenges. Train more, harder, and better. Behave as if you want to train and you want to
compete. If you encounter doubts or fear, talk to your coach about them. Do not mask them and
do not express them in a way that could cause others to doubt or fear.
TAKE CARE OF INJURIES before they become a problem. The longer you take to get something
checked out, the more time is taken away from efficient training.
CONTRIBUTE to our program, our mission, our values, and our goals.
SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE everyone’s quest for excellence.
BE AN ADVOCATE for White Rock Gymnastics. Say positive things about our program, our
staff, and our team members. If you see things that could be improved, raise the issue
appropriately with your coach, but always be a positive ambassador for White Rock
Gymnastics. Look and behave like a united team that we all want to be a part of.
MAKE IT FUN. Enjoy your training. Express your enjoyment of training and competing. Make
the pursuit of excellence fun – don’t have fun at the pursuit of excellence.
STAY positive towards your teammates at competitions – do what you can to help them
compete their very best.
ACCEPT respect, encouragement, support, compliments, and challenges. Express your
appreciation to those who offer it.
KEEP MOVING towards gymnastics excellence. Show your winning outlook through committed
physical and mental work ethic, team spirit, and positive attitude.
NO GRIEF, put downs, no personal attacks, no negativity.

NO EXCUSES. Make mistakes; learn the lessons, make corrections, and get back on track. No
NO COMPLAINTS. Complaining is bad. It eats away at all that is good and worthwhile.
If you feel something needs to be improved, speak to someone who can do something about it.
Start by talking to your coaches. Contribute...don’t complain.
DO NOT TOLERATE goal-distracting or goal-detracting behaviour. Do not interfere with either
your own nor your teammates’ pursuit of excellence. Accept responsibility for your behaviour
and goals.
STAY ON TRACK. Occasionally you may be inattentive or distracted and slip off track.
Stay focused, and help your teammates stay focused.
HARASSMENT is not tolerated. YOU REPRESENT White Rock Gymnastics at daily practices, at in
town competitions, at testing and training camps. You will conduct yourself in a positive and
responsible manner: Any gymnast who violates these rules may be sent home immediately at
the cost of that gymnast.


1) Parties—The parties to this agreement are the White Rock Gymnastics Athletics Society and the undersigned WRG member.
2) Purpose—This agreement establishes the financial and other obligations of the member to
WRGDA in consideration for WRG's provision of gymnastics training to the athlete.
3) Terms and Termination—The effective date of this agreement is July 1st, 2020. The
agreement is in effect through June 30th, 2021 unless terminated by WRG. The
member may withdraw an athlete from the program and terminate this agreement by
providing a minimum of 30 days advance written notice to the office. Any immediate
withdrawal notices received will not be entitled to reimbursement unless a physician’s
certificate indicating that the athlete is completely unable to train due to illness or injury.
Unfulfilled member commitments shall be monetized and become immediately due and
payable. Special circumstances may be considered and applied. If notice of withdrawal is
given towards the end of the competitive season (Spring), please note that re-registration
for the following year will be subject to group availability and an assessment in order to
be re-admitted into the competitive program. Should the member be expelled from
membership, all obligations of WRG shall terminate immediately upon notice of such
expulsion to the member. Upon termination, all amounts owing to WRG become
immediately due and payable.
4) Program—Should, during the term of this agreement, the member and/or athlete be
assigned to a program other than that originally assigned, or should the athlete hours be
modified based on the change of a program, WRG may adjust the original training
5) Members Account—WRG shall establish an account for each member, which will track
all activity pertaining to the athlete (training fees, uniform fees, etc). Members will be
invoiced for all expenses outside of the regular yearly training fees. WRG may notify
the member of delinquent amounts and request immediate payment. Not less than 30
days following notice of delinquency and at WRG's discretion, the athlete may be
suspended from training until the delinquent amount is paid in full. Overdue payments
and dishonoured Cheques will be subject to an administrative charge at WRG’s
6) Privacy—WRG gathers personal information including, but not limited to, name,
address, date of birth, medical conditions, and health card number. WRG respects the
privacy of its members and clients, and takes those reasonable and necessary steps to
safeguard the personal information of it’s members and athletes. Except as provided
below, WRG will not provide any member or athlete personal information to any
third party without the expressed written consent of the member and/or athlete. WRG
employees and board members are, for the purposes of this section, not third parties.
The member and/or athlete expressly grants permission for the use of the following personal
information: WRG may use the names and/or images of athletes for promotional
purposes on the WRG website, newsletters, social media and advertisements; WRG
may post lobby notices that contain athlete names, images, and/or meet results, and may
provide this information to the media for publication or announcement; WRG will
provide athlete personal information to provincial, national, and other sport governing
bodies as required to establish and maintain periodic athlete registration or for a particular
event such as a meet or training camp.
Training Schedules—Athletes must adhere to their training schedules. Athletes are not
permitted to join another group for training due to a conflict with another activity. There
will be no make-up classes for practices that are missed by athletes. In the event that
WRG cancels any classes, an alternate practice day may or may not be added depending
on the situation and the time of year.
I have read the contents of the Competitive Handbook, and understand and agree to the
guidelines set forth in it and the “Membership Requirements Outline” document.
I agree that the failure to meet the requirements and/or follow the guidelines and those
stipulated in the club’s constitution, will cause me to forfeit my membership with White
Rock Gymnastics Athletics Society
I also understand that the policies and procedures may change throughout the year as
necessary. Modifications to this document may be made via the website or electronic mail.

Please sign by parent/ guardian

(Please Print Name)