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About Us

Welcome to White Rock Gymnastics Athletics Society

We are excited that you have stopped by to have a look at our site. We are newly renovated and updated with new equipment and under new management. Our facility has been serving the community for over 10 years.

Think Possibilities Not Limitations! Through the skills taught in our facility, children will develop a positive self-image through guidance and motivation from our coaches. We are committed to providing a fun and rewarding atmosphere at all times. The skills we teach are used to build healthy minds and bodies. Our objective is not limited to just teaching gymnastics, dance, tumbling, and cheer skills, but to pass along life skills such as coordination, teamwork, leadership, strength, and determination. We expect the best from our coaches and our athletes, for their performance both in the sport and their actions in the gym.


Board of Directors 2022-2023


Board Members
President: Oliver Mende
Vice-President: Avrum Pfeffer

Treasurer: Joanne Pfeffer

Secretary: Jenifer Phillips
Director at Large: Terry Hickey


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