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The Learn To Compete program is the initial stage of joining the competitive program at WRG. This program is geared towards those aged 8 and under and is a stepping stone towards the CCP program or the Xcel program. Competitive gymnastics is a long term sport where growth and development take several years. The learn to compete program will provide a foundation for those who would like to further develop into competitive athletes. The routines are created to be simple and easy to master so that time can be spent on development of strength, flexibility and basic skill acquisition.  


The focus of this program is to:

  • Learn basic and simple routines to perform and compete in front of an audience and judges.

  • Give athletes and families the opportunity to see if the competitive program is a good fit for them.

  • Give the athletes time to develop a strong foundation and prepare them for future competitions.


It is important to understand that although this program utilizes the CCP level 1 routines, this is an entry level program which will stream into either the CCP program or Xcel. Entering this program means you are in the “Learn to Compete” program and NOT CCP or Xcel. 


After completion of this program (generally 1 year), the athletes will be selected into the program that will give them the most LONG TERM success. Coaches take a great deal of time, effort and energy to correctly place the athletes in the program that will make them confident and successful for several years to come.

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