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The Wee Dance, Music and Gym program will empower your child, utilizing music and free movement through a fun, playful and carefully planned program! Your child gets an early start on building their self-esteem and confidence with our highly encouraging instructors. We infuse just the right amount of energy and interactive props to engage your child fully, making the experience interesting and magical.


Our Wee Dance, Music & Gym program will develop your child’s:


*Listening skills

*Cooperative and social skills

*Expression of emotions and feelings

*Gross and fine motor skills, balance, and spatial awareness

*Strength and flexibility




Learning how to express and communicate clearly and freely at a young age is a primary focus. What sets our program apart from traditional dance, music and gymnastics programs is that we accomplish all of these goals in a fun, encouraging and high-energy environment.



Please note: White Rock Gymnastics requires that all participants have insurance coverage. This fee is non refundable, and valid from Sept 1 - Aug 31

This insurance coverage fee is due prior to your child’s first lesson.

Click below to acquire your child's insurance.

See WRG requirements prior to attending:

  • Participants must have valid GBC Insurance for the Sept 1, 2023 - Aug 31, 2024 season to attend class

  • Release of liability form completed prior to entering the gymnastics area (one form per person including adult/caregiver)

  • Direct parent supervision required (stay within arms length of child at all times)

  • One support parent per child (adults are not permitted on the gymnastics equipment)

  • One at a time on all trampolines (adults are not permitted on the trampolines)


To register for a Wee Dance, Music & Gym program please complete the following 3 steps in order to participate at WRG: 

Step 1

Register for a Wee Dance Music & Gym class 

Questions? Please contact Shelby at Wee Dance



Step 2

Once registered with a Wee Dance, Music & Gym class please complete the following Insurance requirements to participate: 

1) Create a White Rock Gymnastics account (In addition to your Wee Dance enrollment). 

2) Select the Wee Dance, Music & Gym class in our "2023 Fall Session - Mountain View" (must be in our "Mountain View" location indicated in the top right corner of the enrollments page to access). 

3) Pay the annual GBC insurance fee of $50. This fee is non-refundable, and valid from Sept 1 to Aug 31.






Step 3

Compete the GBC Release of liability form (One form per person)

All participating children, as well as their adult caregivers, are required to submit a Gymnastics BC Release of liability form (One form per person). This form must be submitted prior to entering the WRG gymnastics area.

White Rock Gymnastics "Mountain View" Location

Unit #114 15272 Croydon Drive, Surrey


Contact Us: 


Wee Dance, Music & Gym location: 

White Rock Gymnastics "Mountain View" location

#114 – 15272 Croydon Drive, Surrey, BC.



Additional Wee Dance programs are available at our White Rock Gymnastics "Ocean Side" location (dance studio) in close proximity of our "Mountain View" location. Address: 300-305 3091 152nd street, Surrey



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