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The Xcel program is an alternative competitive program offering flexibility to coaches and gymnasts; its goal is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels with the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.


The goals of this program are to provide athletes with the fundamental building blocks of competitive gymnastics in order to continue to grow in the sport. The program runs from July-June with the competition season running from approx Dec/Jan - May each year.


Athletes will learn routines on all 4 WAG events, vault, bars, beam and floor. Routines are competed individually and showcase the athletes skills and artistry on each event. Athletes are given a score out of 10 for each routine and are ranked accordingly at competitions.


Coaches construct routines to fulfill all requirements set out in the level the athlete is in and use the skills the athlete is most confident with to ensure a positive experience at competitions.

During training coaches work to find a balance between perfecting the basics of gymnastics and introducing new skills. This ensures athletes are safe and have a good foundation and are always learning and improving.

Gymnastics is an exacting and demanding sport in which the athlete is attempting to attain perfection. The sport takes a great deal of time and repetition to learn skills correctly and increase strength. It really is a sport unlike many others. Gymnasts are among the strongest athletes on the planet who make their sport look effortless. From the very beginning of the sport to the highest levels, gymnasts have to work very hard to learn, perfect and perform consistent skills. To that end, it takes a certain work ethic to really excel in the sport. Those who are extremely intrinsically motivated will do better as gymnasts then those who need external motivation. If your child is considering Xcel gymnastics or is already in the sport, they must be aware that they need to be highly driven from within.

Gymnastics is a sport in which skills and strength can be lost quickly, therefore regular attendance is important. If skills are done consistently, they also tend to be safer as the athlete is doing them regularly. Please ensure your schedule coordinates to make the most out of your gymnastics practices. Xcel is a fun program to be part of and we look forward to seeing you in the gym this season! 

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