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We are proud to offer two options for Adapted Needs Classes.


Structured Class Option: Can follow basic instruction and stay with the group.
Unstructured Class Option: Free to explore gymnastics equipment.


White Rock Gymnastics Adapted Needs Classes focus on physical activity, self led participation, varying levels of support, interaction with others, and individual goals all of which can be a positive influence on the daily life of a child.


Because gymnastics offers individual progression, the class can be modified to give these children a great sporting experience and strong sense of being part of a team and club.


Our Adapted Needs classes run daytime when there are no other classes in the gym. This helps children to focus in an environment with minimal distractions and sound disturbances. Each child requires an EA or support person to help direct, supervise and encourage the child during class. An EA or support person by definition will assist through physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, or sensory nature, which is necessary to ensure that the child is able to participate safely and successfully.


Children of all abilities will learn new skills in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Gymnastics is a sport that provides an enriching environment filled with opportunities for sharpening the mind by stimulating the brain, fostering social skills and strengthening gross and fine motor skills, while providing children with differing abilities an alternative method for learning and developing new skills.


Gymnastics strengthens the body, of course. But a child who may struggle with learning disabilities, challenges in communicating, low self-esteem and difficulty socialising can benefit in ways that go far beyond the gym walls. They learn to listen, follow instructions, take turns and interact with others and can learn at their own pace, with a great sense of achievement and progress.


With special equipment and safe landing surfaces, children can participate in an activity that enhances neural pathways through activities involving left and right brain engagement, sensory development, strength and balance – all these movement patterns are critical for children’s natural physical development.

Studies have shown that sports and activities that focus on basic movement skills, such as gymnastics, are extremely beneficial to all children including those with differing abilities. Gymnastics facilitates integrations into other sports and physical activities as well.


We are committed to providing quality instructors in a welcoming, safe, and fun environment and we look forward to seeing you in the gym. 


We would like to thank the Province of British Columbia and viaSport for their generous support of this program.

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